Our Team

Cinéaste Director

Christian de la Cortina

Christian holds a degree in commerce from the University of Sherbrooke, and completed a course in cinema at the INIS. He is presently involved as both an actor and director in Quebec.

In 2005, Christian opened the production company Walk of Fame Entertainment with Vanessa Cáceres. Since then, Christian collaborated in the production of numerous commercials and films. In addition, he has written several screenplays.

In 2009, Christian became the engine behind the ambitious production of the independent film, Transit (official website - www.carjackingfilm.com). This film, much appreciated by the Quebec filmgoer, was also sold internationally by Entertainment One to more than six countries, including Japan and England. The sales represented a decent success for his first feature film.

Christian's journey through acting and directing has proven to be both interesting and inspiring. Aside from the commercials and corporate videos he has produced and directed for several years, Christian is becoming a recognized actor in Quebec. We shall see him shortly in the feature film "4 Soldiers" by Robert Morin. Christian plays the lead role of Mateo in this feature.

Producteur Executive Producer

Vanessa Cáceres

Vanessa Caceres holds a degree in Industrial Engineering at Universidad del Norte (Colombia) and a Specialized Graduate Diploma (D.E.S.S) in Supply Chain Management at HEC (Canada).

In the last 10 years, Vanessa has worked for multinational companies such as L’Oréal and IBM in the logistics area. In parallel, she has pro-duced several feature films and commercials with The Walk of Fame En-tertainment.

Her deep knowledge in logistics and her project management skills are key assets for the company. Vanessa is the strategic force behind every project Walk of Fame Entertainment produces and distribute. Her role is paramount in this independent motion picture company.

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