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The Walk of Fame Entertainment is an Independent Motion Pic-tures Studio with a mission to produce, acquire, and distribute high quality films and series worldwide.

Founded in 2005, The Walk of Fame Entertainment has gained experience in producing high-quality Thriller films, that not only entertain, but transmit to the audience a profound and constructive message.

The Walk of Fame Entertainment continues to expand and de-velop its portfolio of films, series, and new media content that speaks to a worldwide audience.
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What Makes Us Unique
Our team is composed of business people and passionate artists who are working together to develop and produce films for the international market. The axis is on developing projects that distinctly different in style and feel to standard North America films. At the same time, the film must be commercially oriented.

The Walk of Fame Entertainment follows a strict approach to developing new projects: Each new version of a script faces a rigorous analysis through a focus group where each member’s feedback is recorded and analyzed. With this information, a script is iteratively improved.

Our Beliefs and Engagement
We believe that the success of our business depends on the public’s appreciation of the core theme of our films. Therefore our challenge is to develop films that cover universal themes. Each film must revolve around a theme that speaks to a world audience. In this manner, the Walk of Fame Entertainment ensures its continued growth and is becoming a recognized company within the industry.

Walk of Fame Entertainment is committed to producing films that are based on Commercial, original and realistic scripts. Each script should follow a classical scriptwriting structure:

  • Three acts
  • Protagonist pursuing a clear goal.
  • Protagonist evolving during the course of the film.
  • A lesson learned by the protagonist.
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