Generation Wolf

Currently in post-production - Available 2016-2017

Feature Film

A young entrepreneur starts a marijuana grow-up in his family’s barn in order to save his business and his father’s house from bank repossession. As Vincent falls deeper into the world of crime, he soon realizes his situation grows more brutal and dangerous than he ever imagined.

Status: Completed. (This film will be available soon 2016-2017)


Film Completed - Available - 2013

Feature Film

Three policemen, each working independently from each other, are committed to doing the right thing as they see it. However as they become lost in their fixation to bring certain criminals to justice, their lives intertwined and culminate in an explosive climax.

The Scandal – Chase Your Dreams Carefully

Financing stage.

Thriller, 105 minutes
Language: English

Diego Hernandez works as a stock broker for Clayton & Associates since graduat-ing from college. Diego follows Mr. Clayton’s advices (chairman and founder of the company) on being aggressive when promoting stocks and not to worry about whether it is the right fit or not for a client.

After hard work and good sales, Diego finally becomes a junior partner. He takes out a loan for half a million dollars and buys into the firm.

The following day, Clayton & Associates is raided by the Securities and Exchange Commission. All partners, including Diego, are arrested. However Mr. Clayton has vanished. Diego suddenly finds himself indebted, unemployed, and facing criminal charges for fraud. Diego insists he is innocent and that he too is a victim of the fraud, but is this really the case?

With his reputation destroyed, Diego is unemployable and has no one to turn to. He becomes obsessed about finding Clayton whereabouts and take him back to jus-tice. Diego is convinced that this will help prove his innocence before the trial.

USA Street / Feature Film

Currently in development.

True story about Jose de la Cortina, a Chilean immigrant that overcame obstacles in order to provide a safety shelter and a better future for his family.

The script is in first draft.

Business Cowboys / TV Series

Currently in development.

Serie about crazy entrepreneurs and CEO taking big risks in their businesses. Success and money always comes with a price.

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